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The Power of Independent Pharmacy SEO

Advertising online is a vital aspect to any successful business. When there are sometimes hundreds of pharmacies in city, how does a customer know which one to go to? If they want to change pharmacies, how are they going to find the right one? How will patients find out the benefits of using an independent pharmacy if they can’t find one near them? Search engine optimization can get your already successful independent pharmacy to the top of the search results so that customers see you first.

Starting a new pharmacy? Introducing SEO to your marketing plan in the beginning can help you gain customers more quickly. Space Mastiff SEO can also tailor an online marketing plan to your needs.

If you’re a specialty pharmacy and want to target a specific patient population, we can help with that too. Space Mastiff would love to help you grow by targeting a specific market.

Specialty and Compounding Pharmacy

Some specialty disease states and their medications to focus on are:

-Cancer, Crohn’s, Gaucher’s, growth hormone deficiencies, hemophilia, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, immune disorders, infertility, MS (multiple sclerosis), pulmonary hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

The founder of Space Mastiff is a pharmacist and enjoys supporting/working with independent, compounding and specialty pharmacies whenever possible. His knowledge of the industry, pharmacy terminology, etc. gives him a unique advantage when it comes to performing search engine optimization for pharmacies and pharmaceutical-related  businesses.

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